Taxes show ​Bernie Sanders gave 4 percent of income to charity in 2014

Taxes show ​Bernie Sanders gave 4 percent of income to charity in 2014

WASHINGTON –Bernie Sanders released his full 2014 federal tax return Friday, revealing that he mostly lives off a six-figure government salary and donated about 4 percent of his family’s income to charitable causes.

Sanders and his wife, Jane, donated $8,350 to charity while reporting an adjusted gross income of about $205,000 that year, according to his tax return. The share of his family’s income that went to charity was about half the percentage of income that his primary opponent, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, gave to charitable groups.

The Sanders campaign released the return a day after a heated Democratic presidential debate in which Sanders pledged to release the single return but hesitated to say when he would release additional years of his taxes.


Clinton and Sanders clash in feisty NYC debate

During Thursday night’s debate in Brooklyn, Clinton was asked if she would release transcripts of paid speeches she gave to Wall Street banks. Clinton argued that she is being held to a different standard than other candidates in the race — and that she’ll release the transcripts of her speeches when other candidates are just as transparent, hitting Sanders for not having released his tax returns.

"There are certain expectations when you run for president. This is a new one, and I’ve said that if everybody agrees to do it — because there are speeches for money on the other side, I know that," she said. "But I will tell you this, there is a long-standing expectation that everybody running release their tax returns, and you can go to my website and see eight years of tax returns and I’ve released 30 years of tax returns and I think every candidate, including Sen. Sanders and Donald Trump, should do the same.

Sanders then rebutted her, saying he would be more than happy to release his (nonexistent) transcripts from Wall Street speeches.

"You heard her, everybody else does it, she’ll do it, I will do it," he said, to applause. "I am going to release all of the transcripts of the speeches that I gave on Wall Street behind closed doors — not for $225,000, not for $2,000, not for two cents. There were no speeches."

Until Friday, Sanders had only released the summary of his 2014 tax returns. Clinton has released eight years of tax returns this cycle, with more years released when she was running for senate.


Clinton, Sanders battle over minimum wage, Wall Street and guns

Sanders said at the debate that he would release his 2015 taxes this week. Asked about the reason for the delay on his other years of tax returns — especially if they are as simple has he insists they are — Sanders said his wife, Jane Sanders, usually does the couple’s taxes and she has been "busy" with the campaign. It’s an answer he has given before.

"The answer is, you know, what we have always done in my family is Jane does them, and she’s been out on the campaign trail," he said. "We will get them out. We’ll get them out very shortly."

Sanders contrasted his modest wealth with Clinton’s multimillion-dollar income, a significant portion of which has come in the form of paid speeches to corporate and interest groups.

"I don’t want to get anybody very excited. They are very boring tax returns," Sanders said. "No big money from speeches, no major investments. Unfortunately, I remain one of the poorer members of the United States Senate. And that’s what that will show."

Sanders campaign didn’t immediately respond Friday evening to emailed questions seeking additional details about Sanders’ charitable giving.

Since 1976, every major party presidential nominee has released full tax returns. So far this year, though, Clinton is the only major-party presidential candidate who has released several years of full tax returns. GOP front-runner Donald Trump hasn’t released any of his returns, and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich have only released partial returns.

In 2014, the Clintons donated more than $3 million, nearly 11 percent of their income. Since 2000, the Clintons have given nearly $15 million to charity, tax returns show.

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The Czech Republic is getting a new name: Czechia

The Czech Republic is getting a new name: Czechia

Politicians in the Czech Republic are set to put decades of debate to an end this week by officially announcing a new name for the country: Czechia.

In a meeting with reporters this week, Foreign Minister Lubomir Zaoralek said he supported the move, suggesting that foreigners often mangled his country’s name when he met them abroad. “It is not good if a country does not have clearly defined symbols or if it even does not clearly say what its name is,” Zaoralek said, according to the Czech News Agency.

When the decision does go through, Czechia will officially become the conventional short-form name for the country, while the Czech Republic will remain the conventional long-form name.

[Finnish was the second language of Sweden for centuries. Now Arabic is overtaking it.]

The Central European state had been unusual among European countries for not designating a short-form name when it was formed after the breakup of Czechoslovakia in 1993. The other half of that former nation, for example, has the long-form name of the Slovak Republic but is more commonly known by its short-form name, Slovakia. Other states follow a similar formula: Russia is the Russian Federation, Germany is the Federal Republic of Germany, and so on.

Finding a short-form name for the Czech Republic had proved difficult, however. In the Czech Republic itself, the short name “Cesko” is used. That name is said to date to the 18th century, though it came to official use only in the 20th century. Even today, it isn’t fully accepted: According to the Economist, former Czech president Vaclav Havel once said that the word made his “flesh creep.” Some suggested that the name was a reminder of the country’s split from Slovakia, though others said it just sounds nasty: The word is “short and harsh sounding,” one Czech cartographer told Radio Prague in 2004.

Despite the controversy, Cesko forms the basis of many of the short names for the Czech Republic in foreign languages – Tschechien in German, for example, or Tchéquie in French. Meanwhile, the English-language short name has not stuck. Historically, the country had been referred to as Bohemia in English, which translates as “Cechy” in Czech. This name was commonly used up to the 20th century by English-language newspapers. However, it technically refers only to one region of the modern country, and not the two others, Moravia and Silesia.

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Pope Makes Provocative Trip to Greece as EU Deports Migrants

Pope Makes Provocative Trip to Greece as EU Deports Migrants

LESBOS, Greece — Pope Francis is known for his symbolic gestures, but even by Franciscan standards, his visit to a Greek refugee detention center as the European Union implements a controversial deportation plan is as provocative as any he has undertaken.

Francis and the spiritual leader of the world’s Orthodox Christians will spend nearly an hour Saturday greeting some 250 refugees stuck on the Greek island of Lesbos. They will lunch with eight of them to hear their stories of fleeing war, conflict and poverty and hopes for a better life in Europe. And they will toss floral wreathes into the sea to pray for those who never made it.

It’s a gesture Francis first made when he visited the Italian island of Lampedusa in the summer of 2013, his first trip outside Rome as pope, after a dozen migrants died trying to reach the southern tip of Europe. He made a similar gesture more recently at the U.S.-Mexican border, laying a bouquet of flowers next to a large crucifix at the Ciudad Juarez border crossing in memory of migrants who died trying to reach the U.S.

"He is slightly provocative," said George Demacopoulos, chair of Orthodox Christian studies at the Jesuit-run Fordham University in New York. Citing Francis’ Mexico border visit in February, in the heat of a U.S. presidential campaign where illegal immigration took center stage, he added: "He is within his purview to do so, but that was a provocative move."

The Vatican insists Saturday’s visit is purely humanitarian and religious in nature, not political or a "direct" criticism of the EU plan.

But spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi told reporters that Francis’ position on Europe’s "moral obligation" to welcome refugees is well-known, and that the EU-Turkey deportation deal certainly has "consequences on the situation of the people involved."

The Vatican official in charge of migrants, Cardinal Antonio Maria Veglio, was even more explicit, saying the EU-Turkey plan essentially treats migrants as merchandise that can be traded back and forth and doesn’t recognize their inherent dignity as human beings.

The March 18 EU-Turkey deal stipulates that anyone arriving clandestinely on Greek islands on or after March 20 will be returned to Turkey unless they successfully apply for asylum in Greece. For every Syrian sent back, the EU will take another Syrian directly from Turkey for resettlement in Europe. In return, Turkey was granted concessions including billions of euros to deal with the more than 2.7 million Syrian refugees living there, and a speeding up of its stalled accession talks with the EU.

Human rights groups have denounced the deal as an abdication of Europe’s obligations to grant protection to asylum-seekers.

The son of Italian immigrants to Argentina, Francis has made the plight of refugees, the poor and downtrodden the focus of his ministry as pope, denouncing the "globalization of indifference" that the world shows the less fortunate.

Aside from the inherently political nature of the trip, it also has a significant religious dimension. Francis will be visiting alongside the spiritual leader of the world’s 300 million Orthodox Christians, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, and the head of the Orthodox Church of Greece, Athens Archbishop Ieronymos II.

Lombardi said the ecumenical significance of such a meeting was "obvious" — and he credited Greece’s politicians with their willingness to let the religious leaders take center stage as an "appreciated" gesture of discretion.

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Firefighter shot fatally

Firefighter shot fatally, second wounded in Prince George’s

One firefighter was shot and killed and a second was critically wounded Friday evening ­ when they went to a house in Prince George’s County to answer a medical call, authorities said.

The firefighters were shot about 7:30 p.m. at the door of a house in the 5000 block of Sharon Road, in the Temple Hills-Camp Springs area, as they were trying to get inside, county officials said.

The slain firefighter was identified as John Ulmschneider, 39. Authorities said he had been in the department for 13 years. He was married and a father, officials said.

He died at the Southern Maryland Hospital Center in Clinton. Top county officials gathered there late Friday night to express their sorrow.

The name of the second firefighter could not be immediately learned. He was described as a member of the Morningside Volunteer Department. He was reported in surgery late last night at the Maryland Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore.

A third person, a relative of the occupant of the house, was also hit, suffering a wound that was not life-threatening, authorities said. It was that person who had apparently become concerned about the welfare of the 61-year-old man and summoned help.

Authorities said one person, apparently the occupant, was taken into custody.

Even in the most crime-ridden neighborhoods, it is unusual for firefighters to be shot. Mark E. Brady, the department spokesman, said the entire department was in a state of shock.

According to authorities, the firefighters first knocked on the door of the house but when they got no answer, they decided to enter.

As they did, shots were fired and they were hit, officials said.

After authorities finally entered, officials said, gunfire stopped and an occupant of the house was taken into custody.

The county’s state’s attorney, Angela Alsobrooks, was at a news conference at which the death was announced. “We will apply the law to the facts,” she said.

The site of the shootings is about two miles west of Joint Base Andrews, and southwest of the Capital Beltway and Branch Avenue.

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Fight to Impeach Brazil’s Leader Tears at Fabric of Daily Life

Fight to Impeach Brazil’s Leader Tears at Fabric of Daily Life

BRASÍLIA — The wall, nearly a mile of corrugated metal, plunges down the center of the majestic lawn that faces Brazil’s National Congress, the modernist icon designed by Oscar Niemeyer.

It was hastily erected in recent days, and is meant to separate the hundreds of thousands of protesters expected to descend on Brasília, the Brazilian capital, this weekend as members of Congress vote on whether to begin impeachment proceedings against President Dilma Rousseff.

The left side of the wall, facing Congress, is reserved for supporters of the left-leaning Ms. Rousseff, the right for people demanding her ouster.

“It’s not pretty, but the wall is necessary to keep the two sides from tearing each other apart,” a 21-year-old police officer in head-to-toe riot gear said as she stood in the searing sun on Friday afternoon. “When these protesters come together, they behave like soccer hooligans.”

Brazilian politics is a blood sport in the best of times, but the battle over Ms. Rousseff’s impeachment is inflaming passions as never before, cleaving families, turning friends into enemies and transforming children into unwitting surrogates for the warring sides. Social media has been flooded with venom, and those who claim to be neutral often find themselves accused of treachery.

On the streets of Brazilian cities, political rallies organized by one side or the other have been devolving into shouting matches or worse, including a brawl last month in São Paulo that left a former city councilor with a bloody lip.

“I don’t think this will turn into a civil war because you’d have to be stupid to fight for these politicians, but people are very stressed right now,” said Rafael Alcadipani da Silveira, 39, a professor of organizational studies at Fundação Getúlio Vargas, one of the country’s top universities. “I’ve never seen things this bad.”

Continue reading the main story

Political passions have turned ordinary sartorial decisions into perceived acts of provocation. Lauana de Lima Oliveira, 22, a saleswoman from São Paulo, recalled a recent day when she decided to go to work in a red tank top. Red is the color associated with Ms. Rousseff’s Workers’ Party.

As she rode in a crowded subway car, several passengers began to elbow her while hissing “petralha,” a pejorative for party stalwarts. Ms. de Lima Oliveira, who said she was agnostic on the impeachment drive, was stunned.

“People have become like horses that wear blinders so they can’t see anything on either side of them,” she said. “Red happens to be my favorite color, and I’m not going to stop wearing it.”

In the southern city of Porto Alegre, Ariane Leitão, a surrogate councilwoman with the Workers’ Party, filed a formal complaint against her longtime pediatrician who, citing Ms. Leitão’s party affiliation, abruptly cut off ties. “Given all that has happened,” the doctor wrote to her, according to the newspaper Folho de S. Paulo. “I am not in the position to treat your son.”

Most alarming, experts say, is the extent to which the political maelstrom has affected those too young to vote. Last month, students at a private school in São Paulo reportedly terrorized a 9-year-old boy after he showed up to class wearing a red shirt emblazoned with the Swiss flag — a gesture of neutrality, according to his father, who discussed the episode on Facebook in a posting shared more than 4,500 times.

School officials say many children have been parroting the caustic expressions they hear at home, and teachers at one school in São Paulo were alarmed when a child drew a picture of Ms. Rousseff hanging by a noose.

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candle and soap making | soap making equipment

soap equipment

Handmade jewelry with beautiful jewelry clasps and a kit containing jewelry making supplies are good cases, if the recipients are partial to wearing pieces or tend to be into making their own necklaces and necklaces.

Wearing of knickknack to adorn oneself is an inherited tradition. It was popular among both men and women right from the times of Egyptian pharaohs and Roman kings and queens. It had been a mon practice among Indians who adorned their gods and also goddesses with heavy jewelry. It needs no proof to believe that the practice was well-known. The proof of jewelry artefacts present in archaeological sites spanning millenniums is sufficient establish the popularity of jewelry inside the ancient world. It is extensively in vogue in the present times additionally. The rising demand for jewelry offers opened up newer and better organized sectors of Jewelry making supplies.

The art of crafting jewelry from a wide variety of materials has flourish through ages. It flourishes because it gives an inside satisfaction to the wearer. It can make them look and feel more beautiful when adorned with a carefully crafted piece of Jewelry.

Jewellery was once designed from materials as diverse as gemstones, beads, metals, bones, seeds and bones. These items are nevertheless available in abundance. Most are loved by the designers according to their particular clientele or the niche carved by designers and panies engaged in jewelry making supplies. It is all totally for sale to the discerning buyer especially with the evolution regarding e-commerce in the modern times.

The advent of on-line stores has brought a huge alternation in the way this business is done right now. There was a time when a person were required to go from shop to shop to look for the right material for making a particular piece of jewelry. The popular designers trying to specialize in an average type of jewelry travelled throughout the globe, contacting suppliers to get the correct item. The problem of time and money spent on collecting supplies caused it to be not only a tiring exercise nonetheless it finally added to the cost of the product also. The situation has altered. Everything from seeds and bones to metals and beans of all types are being sold on-line by manufacturers as well as the retail store sellers.

It is a different market place today. Jewelry making supplies have grown to be a worldwide market because the range of material used for jewelry making has risen manifold. The variety of Beads and findings used by a large number of designers to craft lovable jewelry has boosted the range of goods that a supplier must keep to satisfy every taste and even the top designer’s requirement.

It is not that each designer works through on-line portals. The importance of brick and mortar merchants has not diminished. On the other hand, these portals have facilitated the jewellery making supplies to reach a wide spectrum of consumers than what is possible by the brick and mortar shops. It may be easy to procure a range of selected and needed items by way of e-commerce portals. The online supplies can easily procure and supply the type of material in demand which is so diverse that it may not be possible for the product designers and manufacturing products to physically move to collect the supplies from the retailers. That is why they 燿epend on the on-line promoting system.

making handmade soap

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making soap | lye for soap making

lye for soap making

Make cool cash producing luxury cleaning soap

THERE is always a market for luxury items. However, there are a lot of work which goes into making your product or service acceptable by these kinds of rather very certain and luxury buyers.

Luxury soap is one of the items this pair of people go for, therefore making it a good enterprise for any interested small business owner, who is willing to check out the market,

It is involving note that soap producing is a creative pastime you can turn into a profitable business, because it continues to be an essential commodity for each and every man, most especially, those that take cleanliness and wonder with seriousness. Every bar must eventually dissolve, so every customer can be a continuous one, provided you might be a good soap creator.

As with anything else, quality will be the determining factor in the success of your business. If someone makes a good product as well as capture sufficient community interest, your business must thrive.

The business has the capacity to grow into major brands within the personal care and also cosmetic industries.

High end soaps, which are largely packaged in a lot, are branded and also supplied to accommodations, among other main corporate buyers, plus into the open niche for individuals.

Who can perform business?

Luxury soap production business is available to any interested particular person to explore, irrespective of get older, gender and educational background. The most important thing is one’s capability to identify the ingredients.

Meanwhile, whoever is venturing out into the business has to be meticulous, careful, affected person and make quality his/her trademark, as these are main reasons for his/her success in the business.

Start-up capital

The level of which you intend to start the organization will determine your start-up capital. Interestingly, both the average income earner and the wealthy can afford the start-up capital for the business. For this reason, you can start the business along with as little as N100,000 so when much as tens of thousands and thousands. You can even start the business in your room, and grow from there to get a factory.

N50,000 you can get the basic ingredients to start out the business.

You can start along with using locally created machines or improvised models, in case you cannot afford buying industrial and standard luxury soap-making machine. The of the machiens (local or perhaps industrial) are driven by the sizes. Consequently, it ranges between N20,000 and N2million, actually above.

If you are starting the business on a channel scale, then you will require a small mixer, which matches for between N80,Thousand and N150,000; massive container (a tank, like GP tank); any sealing machine; device operators and green bay packers among other workers. These, plus the ingredients, can cost you hundreds of thousand Naira.

In case you are starting on a massive (which guarantees much better turn over on your purchase), your start-up cost should include purchase of machinery, gear, material, rent, insurance coverage, registration of your organization, and labour, among other things.


One can’t overemphasise learning in fluid soap business. It is going to enlighten you on way of measuring of ingredients, inventive mixing of colourant and also perfumes (to create your current colour and saint brand, which will distinguish your soap coming from others in the market and develop a niche for your fluid soap).

There is no arduous training required for the organization. Apart from basic literacy, all the training necessary is just a two-week induction to acquaint with operations from the main machines along with equipment used in the fabrication process. This instruction can be given by producers of the equipment, their representatives or specialists in the business.

Interpersonal connection skill is another aspect to learn and nearly master to successfully operate the business.

Research along with planning

Study sought-after high end soap brands in the market. Your study from the sought-after luxury soaps brands in the market is the very first endeavour to begin. This will give you a much better insight into why buyers prefer them to other individuals. Use the result of your own study as a benchmark for your production, if at all possible, attempt to go one step further on the distinctive selling points of the brands.

Consult professionals. The expert inside anything was once a beginner. Befriend professionals in the business to get links directly into what informed the consequence of sought-after brands in the market: the things they mixed together to get what they have, and where and the way to get them.

Location. Your own factory could be positioned in an industrial estate in a urban centre. Your local area must also have very good access to water because you will need so much of that. You can dig a highly or sink the borehole, if you can afford the idea. You may start by buying normal water.

Price: Research in the prices available for high end soaps of the common you are planning to produce. You are able to decide to reduce your value to your business and also endear prospective clients to you.

Buy your ingredients. You must make sure that you buy high quality substances for your production, since the higher the quality of your current liquid soap, the higher your chances of becoming beloved to buyers. To boost your profit, acquire ingredients from suppliers or even wholesalers, if you are starting up on a smaller level.

Design your carton/container.

A compelling carton as well as container design for your luxury soap goes a long way to sell the product or service. Many people even appraise the quality and value of luxury soaps by their cartons/containers. Take note!

Cost and potential getting

Your fixed possessions are your mixer (manual, improvised, standard or commercial) and packaging device. Note that the scale from which you are starting the business enterprise will determine other preset asset you need.

The best thing about the business is that you can come up with a minimum of 100 percent of your cost of manufacturing as profit. Marketing luxury soap regarding between N250 and N2,Thousand and liquid cleansing soap in a N50 worth of container for between N200 along with N250, while the cost of producing them may just be N100 as well as N500 respectively.

The quality of your own production and the product packaging will add more value in your products, make it beloved to buyers, thereby increasing your profit along with establishment in the business.


Marketing the business starts off from the people surrounding you. These include your kinsmen, friends and colleagues, and members of the particular religious organisation or even groups you are part of.

Another good way to promote your liquid soap clients are by introducing this to hotels, telling these people the unique selling point in the product, why it should be considered to the known brands, among other things.

It’s also possible to place advertisements on magazines, electronics media or even online, and explore publicity materials for example fliers and prints, distributing them at places where the potential clients patronise, such as financial institutions and fast food important joints.

You can as well employ cellular marketers, who will take the product from home to home, shop to shop, and even to corporate offices.

Social networking sites, such as facebook, twitter, google+ and even your rim, are other good avenues to market the business. Show your products there along with flaunt your USP to woo consumers.

Offer freebies, campaigns and offer coupons towards the products. For instance, you’ll be able to lower your price to that of your competitors in the industry, even with just N20, you will get more customers.

soap making business

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making soap molds | soap machine

soap machine

Rocking Horse Plans

At some point and other, most woodworker practitioners need rocking horse plans for their up coming project. A large percentage of woodworking collectors I’ve met overtime get crafted a rocking horse. Probably the most mon and beloved woodwork projects is the rocking horse. A new rocking horse wood project might be the next woodworking challenge your own looking for.

Personally, I’ve often relished in constructing wooden toys, or other related kinds of projects for my kids. It should be been one of the greatest joys associated with woodworking that I’ve skilled. Lets face it; I held dear my rocker as a kid. Today’s kids are no different.

Your styles and types of timber made rocking horses abound. A few plans are very detailed and will take hours upon hours of skillful and concentrated enterprise in order to complete. Other designs are fairly easy and then any a plished woodworker should be able to complete the project in a few hours.

When searching for a set of rocking horse plans to comply with, know that some are easier to examine and follow than others. Make sure you get a set of plans that is easy to read, has plenty of details, and good visual drawings. Good woodworking plans might help the project go easily and make the whole process more fun. Okay, you’ve made your choice pertaining to rocking horse plans, now comes the decision for building materials. Depending on how much money you want to spend, Pine will be the least expensive type of wood to use, but I’ve seen rocking mounts made of Cherry, Oak, Walnut and also Maple.

When considering a solid wood project, you should bear in mind your current skill level and your ease of access on the tools you will need to complete assembling your project. Make sure you have the skills as well as the tools called for to finish any project; you don’t want to get started and find out you cannot finish up your rocking horse.

Should your not sure about your skill level or your tool scenario, you can always resort to buying a equipment. A rocking horse kit mainly requires assembling. Depending on the kit you can get all your pieces mass produced and all that’s needed from you is usually to put it together. For the newer a smaller amount skilled woodworking hobbyist, a new kit might just be the thing to help them produce a fine woodworking task.

Which ever route you decide to go, kit or no kit; the rocking horse has been a favorite venture of woodworkers everywhere for years, so have fun with it.

soap making supplies wholesale

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easy soap making for kids | natural soap making

soap making resource

Soap Making Supplies Burn and Pour Soap Bases Base Oils, Butters & Lye Embeds & Adornments

Equipment & Tools Promotional Materials Protection Equipment Sample Sets

Cleaning soap Making Supplies for professional soap makers and saturday and sunday hobbyists. Our products include melt and pour glycerin detergent base, base oils, luxury butters, cosmetic colors, soap mildew, fragrance oils and vital oils.

Soap making supplies are easier to purchase when buyers share ratings and testimonials. We highly encourage honest reviews (good and bad) so other customers know what to expect and are totally satisfied with their purchase. Thank you for your product feedback!! Review Rating Suggestions

Love WSP for colors, oils, fragrance oils, essential natural skin oils, molds and more. Debbie works hard to help us succeed. Enjoy the new Magazine online! Appreciate your another way to help us be successful. ~ Kay R.

So excited I love my factors I love my rebates! I enjoy my coupons lol We’ve reached my 10,500 points !!! I LOVE WSP ~ Holly R.

I was super happy to get yourself a knock on the door with 10am this morning, I checked the particular status of my buy yesterday which said it ended up being shipped yesterday, so it would be a pleasant surprise to have it arrive today. Thanks WSP for your amazing service as always! ~ Deanna O.

I just adore this Company! Have been a customer for more than 5 years now, and consistently impressed with your high quality items & AMAZING customer service. Thank You! ~ Chris R.

This flash purchase qualifies for our "Safe Sale Guarantee". This indicates if you have ordered a product on the regular price 24 hours just before this sale announcement, you will automatically receive a store credit rating for the difference between the price anyone paid and the flash sale price. The credit will be transferred into your store account Fourteen days after your order vessels from our warehouse..

Product Limelight: Flax Seed Powder

flax seed natural powder | cosmetic additive

Flaxseed Powdered (also called Linseed) is a rich method to obtain omega-3, 6 and 9 efas. It is a popular additive in soap, hair, and skin care products because those efas are thought to soothe itchy skin, promote hair growth, and nourish dry or brittle nails.

Question: What percentage do you use in CP or HP soap?

Answer: We suggest employing 1 teaspoon to 1 Tbsp . per pound of foundation. This is a great powder regarding exfoliation, but may be way too harsh if used with high percentages..

buy soap making supplies

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liquid soap making machine price | soap making equipment

soap machine

Applications of Soap Generating Machine

We manufacture detergent making machine, toilet soap & bar cleaning soap making palnt in Asia. We offer the complete Plant on turnkey basis along with the Know-How to make the cleansing soap either from Detergent Noodles, Palm Acrylic, Fatty Acid etc.

See Larger image

One particular. Sigma Mixer

2. Pelletizer

Several. 3 Roll Mill

4. 3 Roll Mill Straight

A few. Conveyor

6. Duplex Plodder

7. Disc Cutter

8. Reciprocating Reducing Machine

Quality Assurace

Plants and machines made by us are based on proven technologies presently operating successfully, in Asia and Overseas.

Consequently, there is no delay throughout commissioning of plants & equipment manufactured by us. We guarantee 100% hassle free creation, from day one involving commissioning.

Capacity offered by us range from 50 Kgs to 2000 Kgs Per hour.

We also offer Table Top Pilot Place 10/25 kgs per hour.

Saponification & Drying out Section

Process of noodles making involves saponification, vacuum squirting and drying surgical procedures. Noodles are either produced from OILS/ fatty acids or canine tallow. Fatty acids like hand fatty/palm kernel/palm stearine can be imported via Malaysia which is the cheapest supply in the world. Animal tallow can be imported from Philippines or European countries. The method which we have provided needs refined pet tallow or 80/20 proportion of palm and grape fats or polishing and blending regarding locally availableoils. If the cleansing soap base is not enhanced, white colored soap spaghetti cannot be manufactured. These will be little cream color in color. White cleaning soap noodles are desired because any gentle colored soap can be achieved. For toilet detergent, generally 78% TFM( total oily matter) noodles are utilized. As TFM value lessens, soap quality diminishes. Storage tanks may be designed as per the necessity for inventory depending upon importance schedules and other business factors. Boiler energy can also be selected much like local availability. You can also make your own Uncooked material using the Saponification Method

soap extruder machine

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